How To Feel Good When You’re Not Feeling Good

Not every day is your day.

That’s okay, not every day is going to be your best day, but it also doesn’t have to be your worst.

Feeling good has multiple meanings, this could be with confidence or really just not feeling good/ being sick. Both of these feelings suck when you’re not at your best. Feeling down about your confidence can be affected by a lot of things. Your skin might be breaking out, your not happy with your body today, your not in your best mindset. Being sick can also have the same effects but also give you more inside of your body that makes you feel shitty.

Now I’m no expert on life but I’m here to give you tips and products for how I try to make myself feel better when I’m not feeling my best.


  1. Before I do anything with myself, I check out my skin. Sometimes my shitty days are because I feel insecure in my skin. The worst feeling is having a pimple and feeling as if everyone is staring at it.  Or having a runny nose and now the skin around your nose is crusting, you all know what I’m talking about.
    1. Moisturizer- I live by moisturizer, it truly is the best thing for your skin. When your skin is dry it needs moisturizer, when your skin is oily its because it doesn’t have enough moisture in it that your skin creates its own which causes you to be oily. I swear by The True Cream Aqua Bomb from Belif.  It gives such natural moisture back into the skin without making your skin feel heavy or extra oily. First, wash your face, then tone, then use this amazing product.
    2. Pimple Dots- Yes I just said Pimple Dots. Now I know what your thinking, Alexa what the hell is a pimple dot? These things are game-changers. These little guys are crazy. When I break out I usually get deep pimples that are under my skin or random ones that pop up around my face. Put on one of these Pimple Master Patches at night and overnight my pimple is either gone or dried out and going to be completely gone within the next day. 

    3.  This one can go between skincare and makeup, depending on the use of it. BB cream is a huge game-changer for getting a moisturizer, sunscreen, and color into your skin. Usually, when I’m not feeling my best I always tend to see my skin be very uneven in color.  BB creams are able to give me color back into my skin while also giving moisture and some SPF gets thrown into their too which is great! A personal fave of mine is the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream.


  1. When I’m having a bad day and I don’t have the time or motivation to put on makeup I use certain list of products.
    1. Lashes- I love the look of big dramatic lashes. They always tend to make my eyes look more open and catch the eye of people so that they don’t see the other flaws that aren’t easy to hide quickly.  The Ardell Mega Volume #250 is one of my favorite drugstore lashes.
    2. Lip Scrub- Usually if I don’t drink enough water or the weather is very dry my lips tend to start to get chapped. I always use a lip scrub to take off the dry, dead skin so I can moisturize my lips. My all-time favorite Lip Scrub is the LUSH lip scrub in the flavor Bubblegum.  The best part about these is that they are sugar-based so you can lick it off and man does it taste good!
    3. Chapstick- After I scrub my lips I want to put moisture back into them. I have a lot of chapsticks that I use but I have two favorites that I cant not talk about. The first is the Carmex Comfort Care lines chapstick in the flavor Mixed Berry. This gives me a ton of moisture and it lasts for a very long time! It makes my lips so soft and smells amazing!  The second I am obsessing over is the Glossier Balm Dotcom in the flavor Cherry.  This has to be my all-time FAVORITE multi-use product. Not only can you use this on your lips but you can also use it on your skin as a super hydrating almost lotion. Usually, I will put it on my lips then spread the rest on my hands to moisturize them. I also will use this on my elbows in the winter when they get really dry. I have every balm dotcom that they have and my favorite is cherry but coconut is a close second.
    4. Lipgloss- I truly believe that a good lipgloss can top off an entire outfit or look. I live by pairing lipgloss with some dramatic eyelashes and feeling so much better about myself that day. Not every lipgloss is able to give me that wet glossy look without being sticky. I do have two lip glosses, but both I use for different purposes. The first one I use more when I need moisture in my lips but I still want a glossy look.  It is the Laneige Lip Glowy Balm in Grapefruit. This glossy gives a nice glossy finish without being heavy and still gives me hydration. It has one of the most amazing smells from any type of product like this.  My FAVORITE (when I say I LOVE this product I no lie LOVE this product) lipgloss ever is the Glossier Lip Gloss. This is one of the most beautiful glosses on the lips. It’s not sticky and it’s super lightweight. I have already gone through 3 tubes of the clear, but I am excited to try out the 2 new shades they have.

Food and Drinks/Medicine?

Some types of foods and drinks are very helpful to me when I am not feeling great, and even when I am.

  1. Fruit- This might be one that everyone will be like, Alexa cmon we know fruit is good for you. BUT, did you know eating fruit in the morning, about an hour before you eat breakfast, actually helps you feel and look better? I always keep a little box of mango in my fridge that I eat a few pieces of in the morning, this is because the fruit is natural sugars that your body will break down in the morning but it actually helps your body break down other foods faster, making you feel less hungry in the morning, and less bloated after you eat breakfast.
  2. Alka-Seltzer’s- This is more of medicine and more for when you actually are SICK. I know my body very well, so I can tell the day before if I am getting sick or not. If I am starting to feel this way I always get Alka-Seltzer’s.  Taking two of these in 4 oz of water the night before I’m starting to feel sick, or the morning of, I always tend to feel better as if I’m stopping it before it starts. This always helps to either eliminate the cold or help lessen the intensity.
  3. Orange Juice- This is also very self-explanatory. Orange Juice when your sick is a game-changer. I always feel I’m getting sick when I’m very low on Vitamin C, in this case, I always will go buy the smaller jugs of Orange Juice and drink that all day.
  4. WATER- WATER IS SO UNDERRATED PEOPLE. IT IS THE BEST DRINK IN THE WORLD. Water is truly a blessing in disguise. It does everything, first, your body is made mostly of water so drinking water keeps the body hydrated and helps the body stay moving. A key way to get clear skin is to drink water, and I mean LOTS of water.


The most important tip I have is to be nice to yourself. When your feeling down being your confidence is down, make sure you stay nice to yourself and stay loving yourself. If you don’t continue to love yourself, you will never be able to grow from the negative feelings you do. Even when you’re just not feeling good and feeling sick, still love yourself. Do things for yourself that’ll make you feel good. It sounds silly to remind yourself to love yourself but its something people forget to do. It’s super important to remember you are beautiful no matter how much you think you differ from your expectations of beauty. Everyone is beautiful and everyone deserves love, but make sure you love yourself the most.



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